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Our story

INOCEM was established in 2003 with the objective to support and promote high quality research, training and outreach in oceanography, marine and maritime studies and related management programs through postgraduate education, education, research and effective programs that addressing marine issues in Malaysia. INOCEM is expected to become a center of excellence in IIUM specializing in research, development and commercialization of ocean and coastal resources with particularly emphasis in marine biotechnology and oceanography.


INOCEM has emerged as a venue pursuing excellence in demand-driven education, research and synthesis and dissemination of knowledge across a wide range of these subjects in regional, national and international contexts. INOCEM provide vibrant learning environment that is so conducive to scholarly achievements.

The establishment of this institute leads to the training and creating pool of experts who are well-versed in sustainability. Comprehensive sustainability management demands the development of science and applications towards sustainable development. Cooperation in research and joint facilitation of programmeswere prominent in INOCEM. 


  • To enhance research and development in marine science and its related environment.

  • To create knowledge workers in the field or marine science and maritime studies.

  • To disseminate knowledge and information on ocean and coastal resources, climate change adaptation, marine biodiversity and conservation, marine pollution and sustainable commercial fisheries and aquaculture.


  • Be a globally recognized centre of excellence that provides knowledge and disseminate information through scientific research for marine science and marine affairs


  • To assign scholarly researchers in need-based areas of marine science and maritime studies.

  • To provide globally recognized high-quality education, hands-on experience and training in marine science and maritime studies.

  • To propagate knowledge and facilitate its application to scientific, social and economic problems related to marine science maritime studies.

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